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The Trappist Times, First Issue

Matthew Callahan

Greetings, Snowdonians! Welcome to our new blog, The Trappist Times. Here you'll find up-to-the-minute food and drink specials, information about upcoming events, and the latest in Williamsburg facial hair trends. (Just kidding about that last one...) 


First out of the gate, this Thursday, October 24th from 6pm-10pm we will be hosting "Living Art Through Makeup," a benefit that will let you see close up how Hollywood Makeup Artists transform normal, attractive humans into Awesomely Terrifying Zombies! Come for the Zombie models, stay for the libations-- all proceeds from the bar that night will be donated to the New York Halloween Parade. See you there!

Also, if you haven't followed us on Twitter or Liked us on Facebook yet, we're going to have some pretty great promotions coming up this week and into the future, so... all we're saying is, it'd be a good idea.