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It's Time For Craft Beer To Make House Calls

Matthew Callahan

If you've been to the bar in the past few months, chances are you overheard one of us getting excited about the idea of delivering craft beer. As many of us here at Snowdonia are all too aware, there are some nights where you're too tired/binge-watching True Detective/unable to put on pants, and going out just isn't in the cards. So you get delivery. Awesomesauce, right? Only you don't have any beer in the house. And your love seat is just so comfortable...

You are now in serious luck. Snowdonia is proud to introduce, as of last night, Craft Beer Delivery through delivery.com! Along with our entire dinner menu (including that ridiculous Snowdonia Burger), you can now place orders for 64oz. growlers* of draft beer, or choose from our extensive can selection. Or both. 

This is an idea that's very near and dear to our hearts, and as far as we can tell, it makes us the only bar/restaurant in the area to offer personal draft/can beer delivery. For your convenience we're also on Seamless/GrubHub, but they're not too keen on allowing alcohol delivery— so if you want some of that Singlecut Eric Nitro Milk Stout, or some fresh pints of Bell's Two Hearted, hop onto delivery.com now and we'll have it over in a jiffy. 

Care to try it out?

*A note on growler delivery: prices online include a $5 bottle deposit for your growler. When you're done with it, simply walk it back to the bar and we'll hand you the 5 bucks, OR just swap it out with our delivery guy on your next delivery.com order. Questions? Call us at 347-730-5783.